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Liza: A Truly Terrific Absolutely True Story

So proud to be a part of the producing team for "Liza; A Truly Terrific Absolutely True Story". The film premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival 2024 to rave reviews! The documentary masterfully weaves a compelling and intimate narrative of the life of iconic performer Liza Minnelli and the mentors and collaborators she credits with her success.

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Muraling Austin Wins Telly Awards

We are thrilled to announce that Nelda Studios has won two Gold Medals at the Telly Awards! Our "Muraling Austin: Episode 1, Pride of Place" has been honored with: Gold Winner for Culture & Lifestyle — Television and the People’s Telly Gold Winner: Television Series, Shows & Segments


Touching The Sun

Touching The Sun, a PBS documentary in production sponsored by Nelda Studios, probes our closest star – its mysterious origins, savage power, and lifeforce energy – and follows the people who uncover its scientific secrets and celebrate its symbolic meaning.  It captures the visually stunning and transformative 2024 total solar eclipse, dives into the science of the Sun’s influence on the Earth and solar system, and examines the current and historical cultural context of Sun watching and Sun worshipping across time and cultures. 

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All Illusions Must Be Broken

Using the framework created by Ernest Becker, celebrated American anthropologist and Pulitzer Prize winning author of The Denial of Death, the film examines unexpected consequences that stem from denaturing children’s formative years. Increasingly, cultural & virtual environments are replacing our actual, natural environment. Part film essay, part verité study, the narrative interleaves Becker’s profound insights, contemporary interviews on the re-patterning power of screens, and scenes from a boyhood ages birth to 13.


Lone Star Emmy Winner

Congrats to Executive Producer Nelda Buckman, co-founder of Nelda Studios, and the Nelda Studio and PBS teams on winning a Lone Star Emmy for Muraliing Austin.


Buzzfest 2023

We're once again proud to sponsor BuzzFest, an award-winning annual tech-art festival featuring nationally acclaimed electronic music performers and immersive light and sound art installations.


Projection Artist Sven Ortel

Sven Ortel takes projection art to new heights. He blends traditional lighting and projection with the latest technology to create stunning original imagery for live performances. His work enraptures audiences and has landed him multiple Tony Award nominations.


Our Buckman Speaker Series brings Grimes to UT

Screaming, the kind that makes you sit up in your chair, and thunderous clapping greeted the artist as she arrived for the university's Buckman Speaker Series. The series is part of the still-to-be-opened Buckman Center at UT.


Cory Doctorow @UT

Renowned science fiction author and activist Cory Doctorow visited the University of Texas as part of the Buckman Speaker Series to share his vision for a tech-driven future that prioritizes user empowerment and autonomy.

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Nelda Studios highlights Austin murals on PBS

Muraling Austin showcases the city's public art and the cultural infrastructure that makes it a part of daily life. Produced by Nelda Studios in collaboration with Austin PBS, the series will highlight large-scale murals and the stories behind them.


Immersive Experiences Rock Austin

We celebrate many area artists who create interactive works and immersive art experiences. We believe exploring the frontiers and convergence of design, sound, and technology creates wonderous expressions of the human experience.

Paola Antonelli

Paola Antonelli @UT

Design touches everything, according to celebrated curator, author, editor and architect Paola Antonelli. As Senior Curator for Architecture and Design at the MOMA in New York City, Antonelli focuses on the intersection of art and design.


The Buzzfest Founders

Nelda Studios sponsored the Bee Cave BUZZFEST 2022! This award-winning tech-art street festival showcases edgy immersive light and sound art installations alongside performances from nationally acclaimed electronic music artists.

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A Visit with Steve Roach

Steve Roach, the twice-Grammy nominated electronic musician and ambient music pioneer, dropped by Nelda Studios to chat about his artistic process, inspirations from his natural surroundings, and how music can lead to deeper self-awareness.


Chat with Claude S (Anything Box)

While synths can be found in the tracks of most pop songs today, synth-pop is still a distinctive genre that has been around for decades, and Anything Box founder and synth musician Claude S. has been along for the entire ride.


Celebrating Street Art

Look up—there's art happening all around you! Next time you’re strolling through downtown, stash your phone, unplug your earbuds, and take in the public art being created all over Austin.


Meet Nelda Buckman of Nelda Studios

My husband Karl and I have been longtime philanthropists supporting grassroots arts education. We have now taken that to a much higher level. Nelda Studios is a production house as well as a philanthropic organization focusing on the arts and creativity.


Buzzfest 2022

Bee Cave Buzzfest 2022 blasted lights and sound across The Hill Country Galleria! As a first-time sponsor of the event, Nelda Studios was excited to support all that the tech art street festival had to offer. Under the night sky, crowds filled the plaza enjoying a variety of immersive tech art installations. The festival featured towering light structures choreographed to innovative soundscapes, a 360 tech art booth with psychedelic patterns, interactive LED artworks that responded to touch, and an open metallic stage with shooting fog to dance around. At the center of the plaza, people of all ages lounged on a wide lawn for performances from some of the hottest electronic music performers in the country and local contemporary dancers, all backed by huge projected digital art and laser lights. You won't want to miss the next Buzzfest 2023!

Utsdct Austin Design Week

Design Week

Nelda Studios hosted a fabulous kickoff for Austin Design Week 2021! We were delighted to bring creatives and designers from all over the capital city to the Doty Fine Arts Center at The University of Texas at Austin to meet and greet plus have fun with interactive games and projection designs.


NeldakarlKarl and Nelda Buckman have translated their personal success and innovative legacy into a force for creative empowerment. Their journey began with grassroots initiatives, such as funding arts programs for disadvantaged Texas schools and nurturing small-town theater, laying the groundwork for their larger vision. The creation of Nelda Studios marked a significant leap, aiming to produce diverse and meaningful content across various media platforms. In parallel, they established The Karl and Nelda Buckman Fund in 2021 to further champion creativity and the arts. A testament to their commitment is the upcoming Buckman Center at the School of Design and Creative Technologies at The University of Texas at Austin, poised to be a hub for cross-disciplinary collaboration among educators and creators. Together, the Buckmans stand as benefactors of the arts, weaving their philanthropic work into the fabric of underserved communities, with the belief that access to the arts is not a luxury, but a necessity for all.

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